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SCCMHA enjoys a number of business relationships in the Saginaw community which benefit consumers and/or contribute to local planning & program development.

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Saginaw County Courts:

Mental Health courts are an innovative alternative to incarceration with emphasis on accountability and intensive monitoring for individuals charged with felonies.­ The Saginaw County Mental Health Court removes defendants from the crowded courtrooms of the traditional criminal justice system and places them in a new type of courtroom environment.­ In this environment, they undergo treatment and counseling, make regular appearances before the judge, and are monitored closely for program compliance.­ While Mental Health Courts may vary statewide in scope, organization and points of intervention, all share an underlying premise that crime committed by a mentally ill person is not simply a law enforcement or criminal justice problem but a public health problem.­ Mental Health Court programs see the court, specifically the judge, as filling a role that goes beyond that of adjudication.

The Saginaw County Mental Health Court (MHC) program is a diversion opportunity for misdemeanor offense and some felony offenders who are mentally ill and have not been successful in their compliance with treatment.­ The program consists of frequent appearances before the MHC judge, mandatory mental health programming, regular visits with the Probation Officer, substance treatment for those co-occurring substance use disorders, and substance abuse testing.­ For more information, contact Cynthia Joseph, SCCMHA Jail Diversion Specialist at or at (989) 797-3569.


The 10th Circuit Adult Felony Drug Court in Saginaw was initiated in 2012.­ The mission of the Saginaw County Adult Drug Court is to improve the overall quality of life in our diverse community by providing a court supervised program for substance using offenders with goals of enhancing public safety, reducing crime, more effectively holding offenders accountable and transforming offenders into positive contributing members of the community.­ Drug court staff provide supportive services and conduct random drug screens. Contact Susan Smith, Coordinator at or (989) 792-6825 for more information.