Direct Care Provider Training

The "training" button will allow you to review the training before taking the quiz.
The "quiz" button will allow you to complete the quiz.
Once you complete the quiz you will receive the notice of completion and score.  That score is automatically delivered to a training inbox for data entry - no further action is required of you. 

Virtual Training Participant Guidelines
Virtual Training Tracker DC 
Training Participant Manual

Orientation (DC)

Basic Military Cultural Competency

Blood Borne Pathogens - Infection Control Training (DC) Renewals Only

Compliance Program and False Information/HIPAA Training

Environmental Emergencies & Fire Safety Training (DC)

Ethics of Touch

Introduction to Cultural Awareness - Embracing Diversity (DC)

Limited English Proficiency

Mental Health Ambassador

Nutrition and Food Safety (DC)

Person-Centered Planning (DC)

Recipients Rights

Trauma-Informed Care (DC)