2022 Fact Sheet


  • SCCMHA is a local, independent, governmental unit serving Saginaw County, a Community Mental Health Services Program (CMHSP) and has been a mental health authority under contract with the Michigan Department of Community Health, since October 1, 1997.
  • In Fiscal Year 2020, SCCMHA served 7,292 persons in Saginaw County.
  • The Michigan Mental Health Code defines service populations, including persons with developmental disabilities, adults with serious mental illness and children with severe emotional impairments. SCCMHA is also responsible for persons with substance use disorders.
  • Since January 2014, SCCMHA is part of the regional 21 county PIHP, Mid-State Health Network (MSHN), one of 10 such PIHPs in Michigan providing specialty mental health and substance use disorder services.
  • Funding includes: prepaid, capitated Medicaid and Health Michigan, and MI Child funds to cover medically necessary services for eligible enrollees; State General Fund revenue to cover uninsured persons eligible for services and state hospital services including forensic services; categorical state funds for special populations; HUD and MSHDA funds that support low income housing subsidy; various special project grants, including federal block grants; and local match funds from the County of Saginaw.
  • Services are provided to persons through an individualized person-centered or family-centered planning process, with guiding principles of recovery, consumer choice and voice, and trauma informed care. SCCMHA provides services and supports through a variety of community programs and evidence-based practices.
  • SCCMHA operates some services directly and also contracts with service providers to ensure a comprehensive service array required by state and regional contracts to meet local needs.
  • SCCMHA is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors who are appointed by the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners.
  • SCCMHA must meet all obligations of the Michigan Specialty Supports and Services Program agreed upon by the federal government, including services to consumers, and administrative, policy and regulatory management.
  • The annual budget for SCCMHA for fiscal year 2021 is approximately $88+ million dollars.
  • SCCMHA employs over 310 staff members and contracts with over 150 different organizations, programs or individuals.
  • The vision statement of SCCMHA is: A belief in potential, A right to dream, An opportunity to achieve – core corporate values include: consumer potential, excellence, accountability, respect, integrity, public stewardship, collaboration, customer service philosophy and effective communication.
  • Key services provided or purchased include: 24/7 crisis screening, psychiatry, nursing and a variety of clinical treatment and ancillary health services; case management and supports coordination; specialized residential; community living supports and skill build services; supported employment; and housing services with targeted low income rent subsidies.
  • SCCMHA is headquartered at 500 Hancock Street, Saginaw, Michigan 48602; telephone is 989-797-3400 and website address is www.sccmha.org.

July 2022

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