Social Justice and Mental Health Affirmation Statement

Our Vision Statement: A belief in potential, a right to dream, an opportunity to achieve

It seems important at this moment for the leadership of Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority to speak to the hearts and concerns of our community. The unjust death of George Floyd has touched our individual and collective consciences, we are grieving, we are outraged, we are called to speak out and we are moved to act.

In times of crisis such as this, we are more aware of the oneness of humanity than we typically are in our busy daily lives. At Community Mental Health we hold this truth as a principle underlying all that we do; awareness of the interconnectedness of our lives is essential to the success of our mission. In order to be successful, we have encouraged inclusion, valued and cultivated our relationships with consumers, their families and the community, listened to those who cannot speak for themselves, advocated for others and helped them to advocate for themselves. The voice of those served is always the truest measure of success, just as is the voice of those who are oppressed is the truest measure of when we fail to ensure justice in society.

Ours is not a perfect system, but we strive to improve what we do and how we do it every day and that includes vigilance to ensure that the greater Saginaw community receives services that must be above all, respectful and culturally competent. We affirm that the response to the death of George Floyd was a final trigger that has in the midst of a global pandemic, revealed further, the disproportionate suffering and trauma of the African American and other communities of color that must be remedied across the nation and across the American experience, with emphasis particularly in both the criminal justice and health care spaces.

We want to take this moment to reaffirm our core values, but more importantly to demonstrate that these are more than mere convictions. These values will continue to be demonstrated in our actions as an organization. Through our community collaboration with law enforcement, the courts, the prosecutor, the Sheriff and jail administration in Saginaw, we have become convinced that the entire community is needed when it comes to making change. We are thankful for their readiness and openness, to including SCCMHA as a part of the Saginaw safety net.

The residents of Saginaw are exceptional in their community consciousness. In our celebration of Everyday Heroes, we have shared the stories of success of those who have contributed and those whose lives have been changed. This year our plans for celebration have been postponed, but we are confident that we will be able to tell of a remarkable year when we gather again to recognize Everyday Heroes. We commit to the community that we serve that we will be both action and voice for those who are at the margins, those who are differently abled, and those who provide care, support inclusion and celebrate successes as well as justice for all.

Affirmed by the Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority Board on Monday, June 8, 2020.

Sandra M. Lindsey, CEO

Tracey Raquepaw, Chairwoman
Board of Directors