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Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) is a local, independent governmental unit that provides for the publicly funded mental health needs of all eligible persons in Saginaw County.

SCCMHA operates under contract with Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) as a Pre-Paid Health Plan (PHP), serving persons with serious mental illness or emotional disorders, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders.

SCCMHA meets MDCH service array requirements through provision of services by varied network providers, both contractors and direct operated programs.

SCCMHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This publication can be made available in alternate formats. To request a copy of this publication in enlarged print, electronically, or an audio cassette tape - contact Customer Services at (989) 797-3452.

Provider detail is available through customer service for consumers.

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Service Providers Directory

Enhanced Health Service Providers

  • Dawn Montle
  • Sally Faubel
  • Deborah Koch
  • Anne Lubeckyj
  • Mary Soave
  • On Call Nurses
  • Mark Zaroff, L.L.P.
  • Corwin Legleightner, L.L.P.
  • Daniel Tranberg, Ph.D., L.P
  • Saginaw Bay Human Services
  • SCCMHA Enhanced Health Services

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Children’s Waiver Providers

  • Dobson Health Care Services Inc.

  • Gentiva Health Services

  • Heartland Home Healthcare

  • Koch, Deborah (physical therapist)

  • Legleightner, L.L.P., Corwin (psychologist)

  • Merritt, Heather (speech)

  • Mid-Valley Interim Healthcare

  • Montle, Dawn (physical therapist)

  • Michelle Murray (therapist)

  • Saginaw Bay Human Services

  • SCCMHA Children’s Waiver

  • SCCMHA Enhanced Health Services

  • Soave, Mary (speech)      

  • Tranberg, Ph.D.,L.P, Daniel (psychologist)

  • Zaroff, L.L.P., Mark (psychologist)

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Outpatient Service Providers

  • Child & Family Services

  • List Psychological Services

  • Professional Psychological & Psychiatric Services

  • Saginaw Psychological Services

  • Westlund Guidance Clinic


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Substance Abuse

  • Saginaw County Substance Abuse Treatment & Prevention Services

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Crisis Service Providers

  • Hope Network Behavioral Health Services

  • -River Valley

  • New Passages

  • -(Saginaw) Crisis Residential Unit

  • SCCMHA Access Unit

  • SCCMHA Crisis Intervention Services

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Inpatient Providers

  • Bay Regional Medical Center     

  • HealthSource Saginaw

  • Michigan Psychiatric & Behavioral Associates, P.C.

  • Memorial Healthcare Center

  • Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services/

  • St. Mary’s Mercy Medical Center

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Pharmacy Service Providers

  • Advanced Care Pharmacy Services, Saginaw, L.L.C.

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy

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Limited English Proficiency

  • Language Line Services

  • -English Interpretation of 150 Languages

  • Pierce-Martinez, Trinidad- Spanish Translation

  • V.O.I.C.E.- Deaf Intervention   

  • Yachanin, Ladessa- Deaf Intervention

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Case Management/Support Coordination Service Providers

  • Case Management of Michigan

  • Center for Independent Living (CIL)

  • SCCMHA Community Supports Services

  • SCCMHA Family Services Unit


  • SCCMHA Support Coordination Services

  • Training & Treatment Innovations

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Clubhouse/Employment/Skill Building Service Providers

  • SCCMHA Community Ties North

  • SCCMHA Community Ties South

  • Services to Enhance Potential (STEPS)

  • St. Mary’s Guardian Angel

  • SVRC Industries Inc.

  • Touchstone Services Inc.

  • -Opportunity Center

  • Training & Treatment Innovation

  • -Bayside Lodge

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Respite & Community Living Support (CLS) Providers

  • Barker, Sharon

  • Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services (CLS only)

  • Bradford, John (CLS only)

  • Buckley, Celestine

  • Chinery, Tammy (CLS only)

  • Collins, Joia (respite only)

  • Cox, Linda (Respite only)

  • Dobson Health Care Services Inc. (CLS only)

  • Denome, Julie (respite only)

  • Dow, Pamela

  • Duranso, Wendy

  • Eli, Willa (Respite only)

  • Finazzi, Victoria

  • Gentiva Health Services

  • Greer, Robine

  • Hall, Emily

  • Hare, Lorraine

  • Heartland Home Healthcare (CLS only)

  • Kaplan, Clarice

  • Knoellinger, Nichole

  • Krys, Rachel (Respite only)

  • Lockwood, Anna (Respite only)

  • Lutenske, Neva

  • Lutheran Home Care Agency(Respite only)

  • Manser, Vicky (CLS only)

  • McCall, Wynell

  • Mid-Valley Interim Healthcare

  • Miller, Matt (CLS only)

  • Napieralski, Kimberly

  • Price, Kristen

  • Przybylski, Jodi

  • Saginaw Bay Human Services (CLS only)

  • Sen-Tif Inc.

  • -Open Arms Home Care (CLS only)

  • Short, Deborah

  • Smith, Janie (respite only)

  • St. Mary’s Guardian Angel Respite (Respite only)

  • Stephens, Mark (Respite only)

  • Studs, Angela

  • SVRC Industries Inc.

  • Thornton, Christina

  • Townsend, Mark (respite only)

  • Transitional Living Systems (CLS only)

  • Training and Treatment Innovations (TTI) (CLS only)

  • Wagner, Nicole

  • Wilson, Andrew

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Specialized “Type A” Residential Providers

  • Allegan Enrichment Center II
  • Alpha Omega Home Care
  • Angel's Place Corporation d/b/a Grimaldi AFC
  • Armstead AFC
  • Avalon Home Team Mental
  • Babion’s Foster Care
  • Benchmark Development
  • Benchmark Homes of Saginaw No. 5
  • Bethesda Lutheran Group Home
  • Carruth CFC
  • DeMott’s AFC Home
  • Frances House Whistle Stop
  • Garchow AFC Homes
  • Great Lakes Regional Care Inc.
  • Hartung AFC Home
  • Health Services Inc.
  • HomeLife Inc.
  • Hoornstra AFC Home
  • Hope Network Homes
  • Hopkins AFC Homes
  • Jan’s AFC Home
  • Karen’s AFC Home
  • Kobza Adult Foster Care
  • Krasinski AFC Home
  • Kunta AFC
  • Listening Ear Crisis Center
  • Lou’s AFC Home
  • Magline Whitley AFC Home
  • Nam’s Barnard Road Home
  • Parham CFC Home
  • Patton AFC
  • Rose Hill Center
  • Saginaw Bay Human Services - Jean Road Home
  • Santino AFC
  • Schiavone Enterprises, Ltd.
  • Sewell’s AFC Home
  • Sweeney’s AFC Home
  • Team Mental Health Services Inc.
  • Whitley’s AFC Homes

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Specialized “Type B” Residential Providers

  • Central State Community Services Inc.

  • -Plainview Manor

  • Inter-Disciplinary Advantage

  • -Cedar Crest

  • Quality Living Services Inc.

  • -Heritage

  • -Sloan

  • -Slatestone

  • Resident Advancement Inc.

  • -Woodlawn

  • -Riverfront

  • Saginaw Bay Human Services, Inc.

  • -Cambridge

  • New Passages

  • -Agnes Rambo

  • -Phoenix

  • Tri Cities Community Services Inc.

  • -Southbridge

  • Valley Residential Services Inc.

  • -Liberty House

  • -Gera Road Home

  • -Glenvale

  • -Navaho Trail

  • -Roseview

  • -St. Charles

  • -Southport

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Supported Independent Program (SIP) Providers

  • Benchmark Development LLC

  • -Benchmark SIP #2

  • Benchmark Homes of Saginaw No. 5   

  • -Benchmark SIP #1

  • Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services

  • -Together With Friends

  • Bowen SIP

  • Hopkins SIP Homes

  • -Hopkins Log House

  • -Hopkins 7732 Three Mile Rd.

  • -Hopkins White House

  • JubeJu SIP

  • Rendon's Enrichment Center, Inc.

  • -Rendon’s Enrichment SIP

  • Sen-Tif Inc.

  • -d/b/a Open Arms Essex

  • -d/b/a Open Arms Dale

  • -d/b/a Michael’s Way

Provider detail is available through customer service for consumers.

Sandra M. Lindsey

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  

Nancy Birdwell                                                              989.797.3501

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Linda Schneider                                                             989.797.3528

Director of Clinical Services & Programs

DJ Fenstermaker                                                          989.797.3503

Administrative Assistant for Clinical Services & Programs

Linda Tilot                                                                     989.797.3506

Director of Care Management & Quality Systems

Kim Walters                                                                            989.797.3518

Administrative Assistant for Care Mgt. & Quality Systems

Doris Patrick                                                                989.797.3497

Care Management Supervisor

Access Center                                 989.797.3559 or 1.800.258.8678

Tim Ninemire                                                                989.797.3467

Supervisor of Customer Service/ Recipient Rights

Ginny Reed                                                                    989.797.3493

Director of Network Services and Public Policy (NS&PP)

Pam Welke                                                                     989.797.3495

Administrative Assistant for NS&PP

Contract Management

Matthew Briggs, Contract & Properties Manager     989.797.3599

Jennifer Tomaszewski, Contract Assistant               989.498.2699       

Provider Network Auditing

Jennifer Keilitz, Supervisor                                       989.797.3486

Kirstie LeValley, Auditor                                        989.797.3597

Ted Gray, Auditor                                                  989.797.3525

Roshell Whatley-Thomas, Auditor                           989.793.3443

Provider Network Training

Dawn Estrada, Training Coordinator                       989.797.3451

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  Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority accepts calls 24 hours a day at 1-800-258-8678