Better Together We Can

As part of our focus on whole person Wellness, SCCMHA has introduced a campaign entitled, Better Together We Can...  

The name Better Together for this campaign was  chosen because chronic physical health conditions affect individuals regardless of age, ethnicity or socioeconomic background. This program will not only benefit the individuals we servebut also our workforce here at SCCMHA and in our provider network. Better together, we can improve our wellness.

One focus of this campaign is blood pressure management. Why blood pressure management? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 million American adults (29%) have high blood pressure—that’s 1 of every 3 adults.  SCCMHA will offer a Learn Together Series that will cover this important topic and will also offer drop-in blood pressure clinics.

Better Together We Can activities are approved for Better Together Bank hours. Learning Links are approved, too!

**PLEASE NOTE** The SCCMHA 2017 Live Well Wellness Fair has been cancelled.

 Better Together Bank Opportunities

Learn Together Series: Yoga for Arthritis

Learning Links

Coloring for Relaxation at A&W

Coloring for Relaxation at A&W April & May

Color for Relaxation at CTS March

Color for Relaxation at CTS April

Color for Relaxation at 500 Hancock

Toning Class Feb March 2017

Toning Class April May 2017

Book Discussion Group at Hancock (Spiritual Wellness)

Walking for Health Family Resource Center, March - April

Walking for Health, Towerline 

Yoga at CTS

SCCMHA Employee Only Activities

Walking Clubs

Consumer Only Activity

Learning about Healthy Living, Tobacco and You, Part 1 at the Friends for Recovery Center