BTO Benefit Hours / eTime

Enterprise eTime is a great tool and can help us when we use our Better Together hours (BTO).

On the days you utilize a Better Together/BTO benefit hour, be sure to log your activity and your lunch into Enterprise eTime (Facilitators need to log the hour in the same way. HR will put the hour back in during payroll. This will help with your tracking).

Let's say you participated in Coloring for Relaxation at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, March 2nd.  Here is what your time card should look like.cid:image003.jpg@01D3B7AF.333B7210

1. Start by entering the beginning of your shift:

2. Enter the time you took your lunch (this is especially important on days that you participate in BTO activities):

3. Add a line:

4. Enter the time you came back from lunch:

5. Enter the time the Better Together activity started:

6. Add another line:

7. Enter the time the Better Together activity ended and the end of your shift:

8. Save:

You can help by using proper punch and time card recording protocol (please call Michelle Priem for assistance at 989-797-3552).
Sign in (coordinators; please be sure to send sign in sheets to Melissa Gutzwiller).