Health Delivery, Inc.

Health Delivery, Inc. began in 1969 when the Saginaw County Health Department received a $75,000 grant to provide healthcare for farmworkers. Today it has grown from this very small migrant health clinic to a large group of federally qualified community health centers with over 300 employees and over 47,000 patients seen yearly. It has become one of the largest groups of federally qualified community health centers in the state. Health Delivery, Inc. is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors with at least half of them required to be consumers of HDI’s medical and/or dental services. Currently, Health Delivery, Inc. operates 11 year-round health and/or dental centers including two school-based medical centers and one HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention facility. They also provide medical and dental care in two incarceration facilities for juveniles, three mobile dental units, one mobile medical unit and various seasonal migrant centers.

The Mission of Health Delivery, Inc. is to provide excellent health care to individuals and groups in Saginaw, Bay, and other nearby counties, especially those who are underserved, uninsured, or underinsured. The services provided are sensitive to the needs of the community, are not based on ability to pay, and are offered without regard to criteria such as race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.