Supported Employment (SE)

If a Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) consumer with a mental illness has a desire to work, a broad range of services are provided through the agency’s Supported Employment (SE) program, an evidence-based practice. Located at 1901 Maple Road in Saginaw, a six-person team of employees focuses on helping consumers get competitive jobs in community settings with other people who don’t necessarily have disabilities and provides the supports necessary to make sure they do well at work.

Rollin “Rocky” Archangeli has supervised the program since September 2020, and he has worked at SCCMHA from 1993 to 2003 and 2005 to the present. He oversees a team of four Specialists and a Benefit to Work Coach who currently serve about 70 clients.

“We don’t turn anyone down,” Archangeli said. “There is no waiting list. We’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their potential. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll definitely get the rewards. We truly believe that every person with a disability can work competitively in the community if the right job fit and work setting are found.”

Once a consumer is referred to SE, the individual participates in an orientation, receiving information on what to expect in the process, and is assigned a specialist, who does a vocational assessment. The specialist asks questions to determine what type of jobs the individual is interested in, and assistance may be provided in developing a resume, working on interview skills, setting up email addresses and online accounts, and anything else needed to prepare the job candidate. All opportunities for employment are pursued, and SE provides unlimited follow-up to make sure the consumer is successful in the job.

The program also provides help in creating microenterprises, which are self-employment opportunities for those consumers who may have difficulties with finding traditional employment in the community. Examples of microenterprises include jewelry making, fishing/tackle shops, lawn services and maintaining vending machines.

For more information on Supported Employment, contact SCCMHA at 800-258-8678.