20 years of changing lives at Genoa Pharmacy’s Saginaw location

“Awesome since 2003.”

That’s what the banner reads above the door to Genoa Pharmacy at 500 Hancock St. as they celebrate their 20-year partnership with the Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority.

The longstanding healthcare provider – which opened their first pharmacy in Pittsburgh, PA in 2000 – has been assisting SCCMHA with medications inside their main clinic, allowing easy access for consumers for two decades.

"At Genoa Healthcare, our mission is centered around people,” said Mariam Sraj, Manager of Pharmacy Operations at Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority. “In the realm of healthcare, where every decision matters, uniting diverse expertise has been the cornerstone of our success—collaboration, innovation, and integrity.”

SCCMHA CEO Sandra Lindsey expressed her gratitude for the partnership.

“Patient care is the most important thing and Genoa shares in that mission with us,” Lindsey said. “By having them in-house with us, we’re able to improve quicker response and patient access for consumer prescriptions. We are thankful for their partnership and look forward to another 20 years with them.”

SCCMHA partners with Genoa to assist with several services, including CMH staff education, group home and residential care pharmacy services, the Med Drop program for consumer living independently in need of medication assistance and support for adherence, billing management and many others.

Genoa and SCCMHA held various celebrations to express gratitude to both the staff and consumers who have been integral to its success, complete with refreshments, fellowship and kind words shared about the 20 years collaboration between the two agencies.

Sraj was also on hand to talk to consumers who came in to learn more about the pharmacy.

The anniversary festivities served as a reflection of gratitude and a reaffirmation of Genoa Healthcare pharmacy's commitment to continue serving with dedication and inclusivity for many more years to come.