Consumers served by Community Ties South roll down to Colonial Lanes

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Several consumers served by SCCMHA’s Community Ties South location were able to go bowling Wednesday, Feb. 7 in a partnership with Colonial Lanes in Flushing, Michigan.

An ongoing monthly collaboration, Colonial Lanes has played host to one of the many outings consumers who attend CTS take part in.

Kim Schmoak, a league coordinator at Colonial Lanes, says she’s always excited to see consumers come in.

“They have a great time,” Kim said. “We’d have them every week, if we could.”

Typically, CTS takes consumers to bowl once a month, but there are opportunities to potentially have more trips to the lanes in the future.

CTS purchased coupons that allow one person to bowl three games per usage. However, Activity Aide Deborah Nelson, who regularly bowls at Colonial Lanes, worked with the alley to instead allow three consumers to bowl one game for each coupon.

“Colonial Lanes has been such a good partner,” Deborah said. “They were so willing to work with us to let the consumers come in and have this experience.”

Deborah is equally enthused to get consumers engaged and excited about bowling as well.

“When they get a strike or even when they don’t get a strike, I’m cheering them on and jumping up and down for them,” Deborah said. “It really warms my heart.”

Kim sees bowling as an activity that everyone can take part in, which is why she loves opening the doors to CTS.

“It doesn’t matter if you bowl in a league, if you’re an open bowler or you just want to come and have fun,” Kim said. “We’re here for everyone.”

“The most important part of the job for me is I can put a smile on their face and enjoy the day with them,” Deborah said.