Health & Wellness

At SCCMHA, we believe that Wellness is fundamental for the individuals we serve as well as for our workforce. Our mission for wellness is to promote health and wellness across the SCCMHA system by encouraging individuals to come together to build a community that will provide a foundation for effective mental and physical development.

This section will introduce website users to wellness information and resources as well as link users to our Saginaw Community Healthcare Partnerships. By working together, we can meet the whole person health and wellness needs of the individuals we serve in the Saginaw Community.

Wellness Mission

To promote health and wellness across the SCCMHA system by encouraging individuals to come together to build a community that will provide a foundation for effective mental and physical development.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is not the absence of disease, illness or stress, but the presence of purpose in life, active involvement in satisfying work and play, joyful relationships, a healthy body and living environment, and happiness.

Wellness means overall well-being. It incorporates the mental, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, environmental, social, financial and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Each aspect of wellness can affect overall quality of life, so it is important to consider all aspects of health. (Source: SAMHSA)

Health & Wellness Resources

  • Dental Care: Find Free or Low Cost Care from a Dentist

    This directory lists information by county on where you can find a public health dentist, community dental clinic, community health center, dental school, or other source of low cost or Medicaid

    dental care.

    Dental Care: Healthy Kids Dental Program

    Your child's smile is a joy. Just picture a toothy grin. A happy face. A burst of laughter. Most of the time, when your child smiles, so do you. So, it's important to keep that smile healthy.

  • Healthy Michigan 

    Looking for health care coverage that works for your health and your budget? There's a new option to help working people like you get healthy — at a cost that works in your budget. It's the Healthy Michigan Plan.

  • Healthy Homes Program: Salter Place Housing Resource Center

    Salter Place Housing Resource Center is a vital part of how SCCMHA contributes to the wellness of the Saginaw County community.  Whether it's providing outreach to homeless individuals or coordinating the Healthy Homes Program, assisting with identifying and eliminating conditions in their home that might contribute or worsen existing health conditions. 

  • Get Double the Fruits and Veggies!

    Use your Bridge Card across Michigan to get more fruits and vegetables with Double Up Food Bucks.

    Michigan State University Extension- Food & Health

    From practicing mindfulness to learning how to safely preserve produce, MSU Extension offers a variety of educational resources and program in food and health. 

    MyPlate Program

    The USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans.  The objective of this organization is to advance and promote dietary guidance for all Americans and conduct applied research and analyses in nutrition and consumer economics. MyPlate is a program designed to give a visual reminder to make healthy choices from each of the five food groups. 

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Campaign

    Tobacco use is still the leading preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. This campaign uses approaches to address health disparities in pursuit of health equity by increasing reach, representation, receptivity, and accessibility of smoking cessation messages. 

    You Can Quit

    Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)! This is a toll-free number run by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) tha will connect you to your state's tobacco quitline. Utilizing this service you can learn to manage your cravings, make a plan, and stay connected with those that can assist you in quitting. 

  • Better Together

    As part of our focus on whole person wellness, SCCMHA created a campaign entitled, Better Together...The name Better Together for this campaign was chosen because chronic physical health conditions affect individuals regardless of age, ethnicity or socioeconomic background. This program will not only benefit the individuals we serve but also our workforce here at SCCMHA and in our provider network. Better together, we can improve our wellness! 


    Find Your Park

    America's national parks are as unique and varied as the people who love them. They are places where people find their serenity, their moments, and their adventures. There are lots of ways to experience the parks, no matter who you are. 


    Outdoor Recreation & Kids Corner

    Interested in activities for your kids? Check out Saginaw County's Outdoor Recreation and Kids Corner, where you will find ideas for outdoor fun, art, playdates, sports and other recreational activities you can do as a family. 


    Saginaw County Parks & Trails

    Saginaw County Parks and Recreation Commission is a county-wide organization that operates seven parks throughout the county; Imerman Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Ringwood Forest, Price Nature Center, William H. Haithco Recreation Area, the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail and Saginaw River Headwaters Rec Area. These parks provide nearly 900 acres of parkland, including 21 miles of hiking trails, two boat launches, four fishing access sites, a swimming beach, picnic shelters, and many diverse recreation programs.


    Saginaw Family YMCA

    The YMCA of Saginaw is an association of all people united in a common effort to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that enrich the spirit, mind and body for all.  


    Sports & Recreation- Saginaw Chamber of Commerce

    Saginaw Chamber of Commerce's goal is to enhance our community assets and work to continue Saginaw County's long tradition of being a great place to live, work, learn and play!