Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS)

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS):  Originally named the Mobile Urgent Treatment Team, Mobile Response and Stabilization Services was created to help youth experiencing a mental health crisis. MRSS provides mobile crisis response to all Saginaw County residents, and support by phone to callers outside of the county. MRSS is comprised of a team of mental health professionals with experience working with a variety of populations (children and families, persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, co-occurring mental health and substance use concerns, and more). If you live within Saginaw County, a team of two can assist virtually or in-person at your home or other safe location in the community. We encourage you to call (989) 272-0275 when you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health. The team is currently available daily from 8am-10pm, including holidays.