Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances

Professionals will work with you to decide which services and providers are most appropriate for your needs. This includes determining your eligibility, since many programs have their own eligibility criteria. Click on the "Many challenges. One Call" brochure for more information.  

Programs, Services, and Resources

Home-Based:  This is an intensive program reserved for you and your child should you require services that require a comprehensive array of mental health services. These services are provided by a team and are short in duration. To be eligible, patients must agree to a minimal level of service in their home.

Infant Mental Health Services:  Home-based parent-infant support and intervention services are offered when a parent’s life circumstances or the characteristics of the infant threaten the parent-infant attachment — and, by extension, the child’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

Wraparound:  This highly individualized planning process is facilitated by specialized coordinators. A Child and Family Team, with members determined by the family, develops the highly individualized wraparound plan. Children must meet several specific risk criteria to receive wraparound services.

Case Management:  These services are provided to assist families in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational or other services. They include:

     • Planning, using family-centered planning principles
     • Developing an individual plan using the person-centered planning process
     • Linking to and coordinating with other services
     • Assistance with access to entitlements and/or legal representation
     • Coordination with health care and other services

Child Therapy:  Therapy can help prevent behavioral issues, improve self-control and assist in emotional adjustment, helping a child function more appropriately in relationships and social situations.

Youth and Parent Education Groups:  Types of youth and parent education programs available include:

     • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
     • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
     • Parent Management Training Oregon
     • Parenting Wisely
     • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
     • Strengthening Families
     • Parenting with Love and Limits

Family Therapy:  Family therapy looks beyond the child and helps reduce behavioral issues, build communication and strengthen healthy relationships within the family.

Psychiatric Services:  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained in mental and emotional disorders. Their services are frequently used when a child might benefit from psychiatric medications, and usually include a psychiatric evaluation and a medication review. Psychiatric services may be face-to-face or through remote technology.

Transition Age Youth Services:  Transition services support youth transitioning from children’s services to adult services including from foster care to independence.

Peer Services:  Parent-to-parent support is designed to help families of children with severe emotional disorder (SED). Trained Parent Support Partners — who have or had a child with special mental health needs — work with you to identify coping strategies and be better prepared to assist in your child’s care. Peer support is also available for youth. These young people, who have faced mental health issues themselves, are specially trained to offer support.

Respite Services:  Respite care providers offer supervision or personal care to offer you temporary relief. Therapeutic recreation is also available through summer camp and after-school programs.

Community Living Supports:  Designed to help your child become more independent and productive, community living supports promote your child’s participation in activities of daily community life. They are provided in both home and community settings.

Crisis Services:  Mental health crisis intervention services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are designed to ensure consumer well-being and dignity, community safety and access to inpatient care for persons in crisis because of mental illness or emotional disturbance.

Mobile Response and Stabilization Services:  This team of professionals is available to support you and your child through a mental health crisis while working to stabilize your situation. The team can be deployed to a home or school setting, and is available a variety of hours Monday through Friday, evening and weekends.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Services:  SCCMHA and its partner organizations offer services for a child with autism and other developmental disorders, depending on the severity of the disability. Some services have eligibility criteria; either way, we will help you find services and supports that are appropriate for you.