Health Home & Wellness Center

What is Health Home?

Health Home is the coordination of care between physical and mental health providers.  The Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) Health Home and Wellness Center at 500 Hancock provides many services supporting a person's well-being - staff work together to make sure that collaboration in care happens in order to take care of the whole person.

Is the Health Home the same as "Home Health" care?

No.  Home Health is a service that is provided in a person's home to assist them with daily living needs, light chores, or home help.

Does Health Home take the place of a case holder, the therapist or psychiatrist?

No. Health Home is an additional layer of service helping individuals to focus more on physical health.  Many consumers have multiple chronic health conditions that affect their recovery.

Why should a consumer participate in Health Home?

Home offers the opportunity to track physical health metrics like height, weight, waist circumference, CO level, Blood pressure, cholesterol level, and A1C.  Knowing these levels will help consumers better manage their overall health.  They can also participate in PATH / YMCA courses, see a dietician, learn more about smoking risks, find out what it takes to self-manage anxiety, depression, and manage their diabetes.

Is Health Home the same as Great Lakes Bay Health Center (formerly Health Delivery or HDI)?

No.  Great Lakes Bay Health Center (GLBHC) has a freestanding medical clinic on-site at 500 Hancock.  Health Home works in conjunction with GLBHC to offer a convenient option for consumers to have all of their healthcare needs addressed in one place, including primary care, lab draws, pharmacy and other CMH services.

What do Health Home teams look like?

A consumer will have a medical assistant working with them every 6 months and nurses in between.  They can also schedule time with a peer support specialist, community health worker, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist, as well as attending wellness classes.

Do consumers have to change their primary care doctor to participate in Health Home?

No.  Anyone can participate in Health Home services while continuing ongoing treatment with their primary care doctor of choice.

What if the consumer doesn't want to join a group?  If they join the Health Home, will they be required to join a group?

No.  Individual sessions are also offered to support consumers.