Persons with Substance Use Disorders

Treatment services are offered for individuals with a Substance Use Disorder who have Medicaid or Healthy Michigan coverage in conjunction with the Mid-State Health Network.­  Please call 989-797-3559 to be directed to Central Access and Intake staff at Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority.

Programs, Services, and Resources

Access, Assessment and­ Referral used to determine­ the­ need­ for­ substance­ abuse services and assistance in getting to the right services and providers.­

Outpatient Treatment includes counseling for individuals and families as well as group therapy in an office setting.­

Intensive Outpatient is a service that provides more frequent and longer counseling sessions each week and may include day or evening programs.

Methadone­ Treatment is­ provided­ to­ people­ who­ have­ heroin­ or­ other­ opiate dependence. The treatment consists of opiate substitution therapy monitored by a physician as­ well­ as­ nursing­ services­ and­ lab­ tests.­ This treatment is usually provided along with other substance abuse outpatient interventions­

Sub-Acute­ Detoxification consists­ of medically­ supervised­ care­ in­ a­ residential setting for people who are withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs.­

Residential Treatment is an­ intensive­ therapeutic­ service­ which­ consists­ of overnight stays in a staffed and licensed facility.

Recovery Supports are services primarily designed ­by individuals in recovery in order to prevent relapse and promote recovery.