How it Works


  • A budget is created with you, your support network, your Suppports Coordinator/Case Manager and the Self Determination Coordinator based on the consumer’s needs in their Person-Centered Plan (PCP).                
  • The number of service hours is determined and based upon the needs documented in your PCP.
  • An outline of what your staff will do for you is documented in your PCP, and in a job description for your staff.
  • You decide on what is a fair wage to pay your staff, for the work that you are asking them to do.
  • You find the staff that will work best with you or the self determination coordinator can assist you. (You may not hire your guardian or a spouse.)
  • You are expected to stay within your budget as documented in your PCP and when any changes occur you are expected to let the Self Determination Coordinator know.
  • You are the boss of the staff that you hire.
  • You will be asked to sign your staff’s time cards.