Provider Recognition

A crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. At Saginaw Meadows Crisis Residential Unit (CRU), consumers are able to rise above crisis-like situations thanks to exemplary services and passionate, dedicated care.

Saginaw Meadows CRU is the only program of its kind in Saginaw County. It’s a short-term licensed specialized residential adult foster care home with staff specifically trained to focus on impeccable, individualized service and creating a homelike atmosphere for those in crisis.

Because of its smaller size, staff members are able to tailor health care services to meet each consumer’s changing needs. Everything from group didactics, case management, nursing services and counseling services are developed with the specific individual in mind; it’s never a cookie-cutter solution. A Certified Peer Support Specialist is also on-staff to assist with goal-setting and to be an advocate.

CRU promotes individual and community health as part of a holistic treatment program, and they encourage consumers to walk or do other exercises during their stay. The staff also believe that peer interaction plays a key role in support and recovery, so they organize activities and other opportunities that allow consumers to talk about their issues with each other, so they can find advocates and support along their path to recovery.

CRU is also to be commended for continually looking for ways to improve activities, services, and quality of life for residents. Much if this is due to Katrina Lisik, the Home Manager, who is tirelessly devoted to training and maintaining an involved, dedicated, and compassionate staff.

Involvement in the daily activities of the CRU is not only supported, it is encouraged. Some of the activities consumers can participate in are helping cook for the facility, and playing board and interactive video games. The staff members have found that when consumers are involved in activities, they’re more likely to discuss their problems, concerns or just share their thoughts.

Thanks to the caring, thoughtful and thorough work of Katrina Lisik and her staff, Saginaw Meadows CRU has consistently exceeded benchmarks in all their audits, achieving 97 percent compliance. Their dedication to providing quality, supportive short-term crisis care and giving consumers the tools they need to achieve recovery, are why they were honored with the Agnes Rambo Quality of Life Award in May 2015.