Provider Recognition

James Peebles, Chelise Bond & Bryant Craighead

Sandra Court Home, Beacon Harbor

When an SCCMHA network provider goes above and beyond to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities living in a residential setting, we honor them with the Agnes Rambo Quality of Life Award. This year, this honor goes to the incredible staff at Beacon Harbor’s Sandra Court Home.

Home Manager Lakeshia Hart and her caring staff are more than just service providers. Their love and concern show in everything they do for the consumers living in their home.

Over half the staff currently working at Sandra Court have been there for at least two years. Several have been working there for nearly 10 years, and one staff member has been there for just over 12 years. That career longevity – particularly in a field where staff turnover rate is usually very high – is exceptional,  and speaks to the compassion and affection this staff feels towards their residents.

That continuity is part of the reason the staff and consumers of Sandra Court have been able to form real, lasting relationships.  Because the consumers who live at Sandra Court do not have a lot of natural supports or family, the staff has taken over that role. At SCCMHA, we always like to treat consumers “like family,” and at Sandra Court, that’s not just a saying – it’s abso- lutely true.

Lakeshia and the staff work incredibly hard to engage consumers in activities on a regular basis, both inside the home and out in the community. From taking walks, to playing board games, to having one-on-one conversations, to going into the community for shopping trips and movie dates, the staff always finds opportunities that are fun and fulfilling.

Because of their warmth and affection for consumers, the staff of Sandra Court has created a cozy, homey residence that is a comfortable, inviting and engaging place for the residents through difficult and fun times alike. They truly display the care, compassion, dedication and commitment that embodies the high standards of excellence that SCCMHA embodies.

For everything they do to improve the lives of consumers each and every day, we are honored to present the staff at Sandra Court Home the Agnes Rambo Quality of Life Award.