Requesting Records

As a consumer of Mental Health Services, you are entitled to receive copies of Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) created documents in your medical record by law. Documents from other agencies or organizations other than the locations listed on our website cannot be released to you. You will need to go to that agency and request any copies.

Also, by law, SCCMHA can charge a reasonable fee for gathering and making these copies.

However, realizing that many of the consumers of SCCMHA services have fixed or limited incomes, in order to serve you better, the agency will provide, upon your request a copy of documents in your file without charge. Additional copies of documents already provided within one (1) year, may require a fee, payable in advance, if directed by the Quality and Medical Records Supervisor and as applicable to current standards and practices.

Documents released directly on your behalf to other individuals, organizations, or entities such as Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, attorneys, physicians, Social Security Administration, etc. may be billed, if applicable, a research and copy fee.

If you are currently an active SCCMHA consumer, please request your copies of documents from your current Case Holder.  If the number of documents is excessive, or the documents are not available to the Case Holder, then you will be referred to the Medical Records Department for assistance. You will be required to sign a Release of Information form, as well as provide proper, current identification . 

If you are not a current consumer of Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority, the agency requires a Release of Information form signed by you.  SCCMHA will only release the information as designated on this form.  Please indicate on the release form who will be retrieving the documents as well as an additional form with the address, fax, and phone number where the documents need to be sent.  The Medical Records staff or Customer Service staff can assist you in completing the forms.

Copies of medical records cannot usually be provided on the same day, so please plan accordingly. SCCMHA attempts to provide copies in a timely manner but no less than five (5) business days and no longer than thirty (30) days.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Medical Records Department at 989-797-3492  or the Customer Service Department at 989-797-3452 or 1-800-258-8678.